Surveys, Prizren and Hot Weather

Yesterday was our first official day of our research project and it was a good change a pace. Max and I went to Prizen with some of the CENR Research team to gather data from Prizren. We were able to get about 40 household surveys filled out and heard about many of the hardships many families in Kosovo face. Even though out main task is to compile the data of the 3000 completed surveys from Prishtina, it is always great to see the surveys actually being implemented. It also gave us a good amount of time to think about how exactly we should approach the variables in SPSS. Today we met with Dr. Bowen and spoke about everything that needs to be done before we leave Kosovo. We will be meeting again at 3:00PM to talk more in depth about the research.

Prizren is a beautiful city that has castle ruins that date back to the 11th century. Prizren is a great city to visit and spend a day in especially in the summer. This weekend Max and I will go with some friends to Dokufest in Prizren, which is a film festival that is rather popular. The weather has been incredibly fierce in Kosovo and it has been very hot lately. The overall weather is perfect for a summer season. I can’t wait to get back to Prizren it is such a great city and I promise to post up some pictures of Dokufest as soon as I get back from it.

Here is a link to Dokufest 2011 if you would like to know some more information about it.



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